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Joinery Guide v2.04

File Size: 8.7MB

Release Date: 22 June 2021

What have we updated in this edition?


  1. p7 ADDITION | Term – New term 'Stile' was added to the glossary.



  1. p16 REVISION | Depths Guide – Base and Tall cabinet depths were changed from 460mm to 480mm.
  2. p24 ADDITION | Void Spaces & Fillers – Do's and Don'ts added on Return Panels for corner cabinets next to fridges.
  3. p27 REVISION | Handle Options – Handle-less (Drop-Down Door) illustration was revised to show new LED lighting provision.
  4. p33 - 35 ADDITION | Handle Placement – Handle placement on Non-Profiled/Profiled doors and drawers, Lift-Up Doors and Pot Drawers.
  5. p38 - 39 ADDITION | Benchtops – New content on Kitchen Benchtop Depths added.
  6. p40 - 45 REVISION | Benchtops – Benchtop Overhangs area was revised.
  7. p46 ADDITION | Tap Holes for Sinks – New content on Tap Hole Positioning and Clearances for Sinks added.
  8. p54 - 56 ADDITION | Profiled Doors & Drawers – New content showing Drawer Layouts and Profiles added.
  9. p58 - 62 ADDITION | Lighting Applications – New content on Lighting Applications together with Do's and Don'ts was added.
  10. p64 - 69 ADDITION | Compliance – New area added Compliance and safe interpretation of Australian Standards.
  11. p71 ADDITION | General Information – Information on Gas Regulator Placement was added.



  1. p79 REVISION | Cabinet Depth Options – Information in this area was revised.
  2. p80 ADDITION | Tap Holes for Basins – New content on Tap Hole Positioning and Clearances for Basins was added.
  3. p81 ADDITION | Semi-Recessed Basins – New content on Box Top Vanities for Semi-Recessed Basins was added.

Lifestyle Range Product Catalogue v2.01

File Size: 7.0MB

Release Date: 22 June 2021

What have we updated in this edition?


Cabinet depths that were previously 460mm have been updated to 480mm where relevant.



  1. p15 REVISION | Cabinet Library – Laminated Wall Shelf (Solid Bottom) content was revised.
  2. p12 REVISION | Cabinet Library – Base Underbench Appliance (UB Microwave [integrated] with Drawer) and Underbench Oven drawings content was revised.
  3. p18-19 REVISION |Product Availability Guide (Matrix) – Base Corner Cabinet (Limit 1) information was revised.
  4. p18-19 ADDITION | Product Availability Guide (Matrix) – Base Corner Cabinet (Limit 2) information was added.
  5. p20-21 REVISION |Product Availability Guide (Matrix) – Laminated Wall Shelf (Solid Bottom) information was revised.